Corregidor, the Fortress Island


Get inspired by the centuries-old narrative of a small fishing village that transformed into a pivotal battleground in Asia-Pacific during the Second World War.

The name “Corregidor” was coined during the Spanish period. It came from the word “corregir” which means to correct. Local folks have two stories about the origin of the Island’s name. During the Spanish period, it served as a checkpoint of all ships entering Manila Bay, thus giving birth to the so-called “Isla del Corregidor.” The other version claims that the island was used as a penitentiary or correctional institution by the Spanish, and thus came to be called “El Corregidor.”

Noting the Island’s strategic location, the Spaniards installed a naval dockyard and a hospital by 1795. A signal station was also set up to warn Manila –the country’s seat of power– of approaching enemies. The first lighthouse was built in 1836. A stronger which was installed in 1853 was replaced in 1897 and remained in use until the outbreak of the Pacific War. The lighthouse standing proud today at the island’s highest peak is a restored structure after it was heavily damaged during the war.

In 1898, Spain ceded the Philippines to the  Americans under the Treaty of Paris. Under the American colonial rule, Corregidor served as a US military reservation known as The Fort Mills. The Spanish garrison building was converted into a convalescent hospital, and a regular Army post was established. To secure the seaward approach to Manila Bay,  US army engineers began to build fortifications by 1908 making the island the country’s largest seacoast fort.

Thus began the journey of a small fishing community to a historical fortress brimming with stories of gallantry and valor waiting to be rediscovered!

Offering utter seclusion and tranquility, Corregidor is an island hideout about 48 kilometers West of Manila and 30 minutes away by boat from Barangay Cabcaben in Mariveles, Bataan.

Boasting a charming castaway vibe, this 2,000 square kilometer landscape is, unbeknownst to many, Cavite’s woodland paradise. Walk through the Island’s pristine landscape teeming with wild vines and lush foliage. Let the ambient sounds of rustling leaves, chirping birds, and the ebbing flow of the sea sweep your stress and anxieties away.

At Corregidor, stay fully present. Let its hypnotic setting transport you to a new dimension of self-awareness and mindfulness.