Message from the Chairman

Cynthia L. Carrion 
Chairman and CEO 
Corregidor Foundation, Inc
“The Rock” is all set to rock the world’s attention


Welcome to an island fiercely rocked during World War II. Known as “The Rock” by veterans of war, Corregidor is literally standing on a rock that bears witness to the pieces of history which will forever inspire humanity to pursue peaceful coexistence among people and nations.

The Corregidor Foundation, Inc. (CFI) is happy to offer the as a medium to communicate our activities, aspirations, advocacies, directions and developments. As a non-chartered government corporation, the Foundation is on the process of transforming itself into a government-compliant agency, anchoring its values on good governance and transparency.

President Rodrigo R. Duterte has directed this agency to save Corregidor from a slumber of over two decades and to restore its strength as memorial shrine and a world-class tourism destination in order to avert the consistent decline in the number of visitors of the Island over  the past 15 years.

Together with the Board of Trustees comprising the Secretary of the Department of Tourism, the Secretary of the Department of National Defense and PVAO, the Chief Operating Officer of the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Authority, and Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the Foundation is now all set to bring Corregidor to the next level.

Let this piece be a prelude to the succeeding narratives of everyone, of stories worth telling.