CONNECT with History

No island in the Philippine archipelago holds as much historical narratives of war as Corregidor! Sprawled across the 548-km fortress Island are the World War II relics that speak about stories of gallantry.


Take your backpack, and set your self to a HISTORICAL TOUR that will turnaround your perspective of self-sacrifice for a greater purpose. Immerse with the living memories of heroism as it captivates your pursuit for peace and peaceful coexistence among races and nations.

On board a tram via, your English-speaking tour guide will excitingly take you around Corregidor’s various war relics.

Escape on a life-changing getaway in a breathtaking island at the mouth of Manila Bay.

Beyond History

CORREGIDOR is not just about stories of war. The Island is blessed with natural riches — offering a multitude of opportunities to unwind, to heal and reconnect to inner self, to run wild through the wilderness,  to enjoy acoustic music atop the battery grubbs, to dine al fresco on well-manicured grounds beside a relic, to watch the ember glow and die while seated on a bonfire, or just walk in silence at dusk to listen to the chirps of birds or the soothing waves against a rocky shore.


CATCH Nature and Wilderness

The Island’s water surrounds are for perfect for snorkeling, angling and paddling, while bikers and trekkers would surely love to conquer the wilds and wilderness.



Whether you relish on a selfy with sunrise or sunset as your backdrop, or just want to have a “me” time, the Island offers a multitude of options to allow you to reconnect with yourself and come out with a refreshed aura.


CHOOSE Wellness

From a shoreline stuffed with so-called mythical blood stones to a canopy of centuries old trees, the Island is a naturally flawless hub for forest bathing, yoga and meditation, and other wellness activities.


CAMP with Friends

Anywhere in the island is a marvelous camp site for any kind of activities. The stunning view of the seas and woods as a backdrop makes camping in the Island a worthwhile experience.

Customize an extended stay in the Island with a package cost that is surely affordable and irresistible.